Azealia Banks Records for Beyoncé's Album

"While Beyoncé’s new album doesn’t have a release date, let alone a title, more and more details are starting to emerge. In addition to Miguel and Justin Timberlake, the pop superstar has called upon Azealia Banks for a potential record.
"She’s unsure if the song will make the cut, but either way, she was thrilled for the opportunity. 'Oh my God. Even the fact that I was considered to rap on a Beyoncé track was just… I’m about to cry. It was amazing.'
"Banks has expressed her love for Bey in the past. 'I definitely think career-wise and personally, I’m very, very inspired by Beyoncé,' she told Beats TV. 'She’s so well-mannered and so classy and so well-poised. It’s important to have those kinds of skills.'"