March 19, 2012


BEYHIVE! The Queen Bee is about to sting. Beyoncé is set to perform a brief string of concerts on May 25-27 forthe opening of the billion-dollar Revel Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Tickets for the event go on sale Friday, April 6 and more details regarding the concert are yet to come. However, you can probably expect to pay a pretty penny for the tickets but it'll be worth every single one.

This news precedes an announcement by Beyoncé's newly appointed graphic/web designer Matthew Siskin for all of the #BeyHive to appear in New York City's Times Square at 5:30 am, under the NASDAQ billboard for a special surprise. If you plan on attending, Siskin also said to wear blue. I won't be there but I will still be wearing blue miles away! Visit

UPDATE: Tickets will be on sale at and

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