July 26, 2012

Apparently, Lady Gaga was recently chatting up with fans on her website,, once again. The Little Monsters have taken many screenshots of her messages on several occasions where she revealed a lot of cool stuff, including that she may not be attending this year's MTV Video Music Awards and that new music is close to being on the way. While the BeyHive loves Lady Gaga, we love Lady Gaga even more when she's with Beyoncé so we got excited to see the screenshot below!

LadyGaga chat

Lady Gaga allegedly wrote, "eventually i will make telephone continuation." Are you ready for Telephone, part 2? I know I am! Maybe this was one of the projects that Beyoncé was working on when her sister Solange was spotted outside of the recording studio she was in.

To view the other various screenshots, go here. You'll find a bit more about her future music plans and she also shares her feelings about the media's cruelty to her during the Born This Way era.

Are you ready for Gaga & Honey B to reunite?

Beyladygaga tel

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