May 4, 2012

May 2nd marked the one year anniversary of Beyoncé and First Lady Michelle Obama's teaming up for the Let's Move! campaign. The initiative was created as an effort to put an end to childhood obesity. During the campaign, Beyoncé remixed her B'Day era single, "Get Me Bodied" into "Move Your Body" as the campaign's theme song, and subsequently performed the dance routine for the song at a public high school in New York City.

Mrs. Obama shares,

"One year ago today, I teamed up with Beyoncé to show kids all across the country that being active isn’t just good for you – it’s fun, too,” said First Lady Michelle Obama. “But you don't only have to dance in a flash mob to get moving. Whether it’s hula hooping, playing sports or just going for a walk, all kids can find a way to be active for 60 minutes a day and eat nutritious, delicious food so they grow up healthy and strong.”



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