September 11, 2012

Beyoncé gets a bit more personal during part 2 of her interview with Anderson Cooper. The singer talks a little bit more about her reason for becoming involved with World Humanitarian Day and being the first performer for the event at the United Nations since 1979!

Then, she gets into motherhood and what it's like to have Blue Ivy as apart of her life, stating, "I brought her to the rehearsal because it's important for her to see her mother doing things like this."

She comments on motherhood saying it gives you "purpose" and that leading her daughter by example (and not by preaching) is the best part of her life. Beyoncé also says that she enjoys changing diapers, singing random nursery rhymes that she makes up, and how Blue was confused to see her perform. She admits, "Today was the first time she saw me perform in rehearsal and she was very confused."

Just cute! :)

Video! Beyonce Talks with Anderson02:18

Video! Beyonce Talks with Anderson

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