March 29, 2012

American Idol's sixteen-year-old sensation Jessica Sanchez took on the acoustic version of Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams" medley that is most recognizable from Queen Bey's I Am... Yours concert DVD, recorded at Las Vegas' Wynn Hotel in 2009. Take a peek at the original performance below:


Beyoncé - Sweet Dreams Medley - I Am... Yours DVD (2009)

Sanchez performed an impressive rendition of this song on last night's broadcast, getting great feedback from the judges. In summary, Jennifer Lopez even said that if Beyoncé were watching at home, she would want to do a version like this at her next concert. While Ms. Lopez may have simply been giving a compliment, it should be known that Beyoncé did do a version like this...about 2.5 years ago.

It evident that Sanchez is talented beyond her years and she has consistently shown her skills every week of 'Idol' thus far. We also share a common admiration for Beyoncé!

However, at times it seemed as though Sanchez got lost in the song with extensive melismas and shaky staging. With that being said, immerse yourself in the young star's rendition of "Sweet Dreams" below:


Jessica Sanchez - Sweet Dreams Medley - American Idol (2012)

What do you think? Is Jessica's version a "Sweet Dream" or a nightmare?

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